With love from Rwanda

We’re very excited to announce an absolute superstar Rwandan bean now being roasted. This coffee was selected after a lot of study and desire to offer a delicious, earthy, and strong offering to our lineup.

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Rwanda Kivu Kibuye

Farm DescriptionFarm in Gitesi

This coffee comes from “Gitesi”, a private washing station located in the Kibuye valley near Lake Kivu. The station is clean and well-organized, and offers impressive preparation of their coffee year after year. The station was started 10 years ago and is now serving nearly 2000 farmers in the surrounding highlands. Altitude at Gitesi proper is 1740 meters, and some of the farmers have coffee planted up on 2000 meter ridges. They remain committed to lot separation and this particular lot was built by vetting samples from the main harvest. This is competition-level coffee all the way, evening winning Cup of Excellence a few years back.

hand sorting coffee beans

Cupping Notes

Kibuye is a super star Rwanda, cupping with extreme cleanliness, and all the top notes you hope for in a highlight coffee. The dry grounds are perfumed with florals, a rich red honey scent, and laced with dried spices. Adding hot water gives off a candy-sweet aroma of dulce de leche caramel and fragrant vanilla sugars, with the break releasing a wildflower scent in the steam. City+ roasts arecomplex, a sweetness that is like raw cane juice with retro-nasal pungency. As the cup cools, mellow citrus notes fill out the profile, lemon oil, orange tea, and that sort of lemon-mandarin flavor of Japanese rice candies. There are tropical notes too, but much more in the candy matrix rather than the fruit itself. Cinnamon stick, clove, and all-spice notes pop out on top in both light and more developed roasts, and you can expect mouth-cleansing acidity. Full City introduces chocolate roast tones to the profile that blend well with stone fruit sweetness in the finish. The middle roast ranges make for a standout pour-over brew, and Full City produces one of the best African espressos of the year.

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