Adrenal Hack Pack


We’re all about using our coffee to optimize our day, not to ruin it.  What good is an energy bump if it ends up in a massive crash that leaves you feeling worse off then when you started?!?!   We start our morning with our blessed Live Free coffee ritual, but our first cup is a toxin-free swiss water processed DECAF.  We keep all the benefits out of the ritual we love, including a boost of antioxidants.  Then, we make a SECOND cup of the “real” stuff and store it in our Klean Kantine, which keeps the coffee nice and hot without any toxins leaching into the brew.  That goes with us to the office.  When we start feeling that midmorning dip, out comes the mug for a well-timed boost of beast mode. 

We created the Adrenal Hack Pack for people who want to take their coffee experience to the next level.  The hack pack includes a bag of toxin-free swiss water processed decaf and a bag of our Roastmaster’s current favorite fully leaded beans (this changes seasonally, we’re always sampling new kick-ass blends from around the globe).  

As always, we roast on demand to your taste buds’ delight, and you get the same great ethically-sourced beans  you’ve come to expect from Live Free Coffee.  Comes with tasting notes in a fully compostable bag. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Roast Type

Medium, Espresso

Bean Type

Whole Bean, Ground Drip, Ground Espresso

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