Coffee Grounds, the new fountain of youth?

Don’t toss those coffee grounds!

We’ve shared studies recently that praise spent coffee grounds as a nutritious addition to your compost pile.  But science is now discovering that those spent grounds may be an antioxidant powerhouse and that’s great news for all of us coffee drinkers!

A recent study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that spent coffee grounds are FULL of a powerful class of antioxidants called phenols.  You get a good dose of phenols when you drink your morning brew, but scientists are finding out there’s a goldmine of antioxidants in the spent grounds as well.  Some of the extracts produced actually found HIGHER levels of antioxidants in the extracts then in the brewed coffee!

The hope is that these compounds can be added to other foods or turned into a pill that can be used to boost antioxidant status.  Here are Live Free Coffee, we’re ahead of the curve.  We have partnered with Nourished. Body and Bath to develop a line of toxin-free, cold processed soap utilizing Live Free coffee.  Introducing the Java Mint Jolt soap! 

Using the same great quality, ethically sourced, toxin free coffee you expect from Live Free, we use both the brew and the exfoliating spent grounds in this incredible, long lasting, incredible smelling soap.

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