How to hack your adrenals with caffeine

coffee chemistryYeah you heard that right.  Coffee has some amazing health benefits but as many of us know first hand, over-caffeination in a hectic modern life leads to adrenal fatigue for a lot of people, leading to nasty side effects ranging from brain fog and depression to infertility and an inability to gain muscle.

But coffee can still be therapeutic when you apply a little bit of knowledge.  Here comes the hack that’ll change your life!!! Continue reading


Improve your life with simple rituals

You may think we’re biased when we preach about how great your morning cup of java is for you.  But do you know how powerful that cup of coffee really is?  Let’s talk about RITUAL. 

Some people look down upon the coffee ritual as a bad, addictive habit that just happens to get them through the rough morning, or even the whole day 🙂 My mom is famous for declaring that she needs 2 cups to wake up, one for each eye.  But maybe the reason we all enjoy that rich aromatic fragrance, why we flock to “Charbucks” when we’re out and about (even though we know it’s over roasted, stale, AND overpriced) is not because we’re addicted to the caffeine, sugar, or because we’re sleep deprived —

gratitude mugIt’s because daily ritual enriches our lives in a deeper and more meaningful way, giving us a sense of strength and routine, a confidence (as well as caffeine) boost, and a sense of calm in the storm of everyday life.  

According to a series of studies documented by Psychology Today, researchers found that rituals, both great and small, allow people to:

  1. Mentally discharge any bad luck we believe we’ve picked up;
  2. Give a sense of comfort and control over our lives;
  3. Achieve deeper levels of involvement in what we’re doing; and
  4. Recover better from loss. 

Those are some pretty powerful controls over a life we’re largely set adrift in!  Quite a gift from a magical little bean.  Here at  Live Free we start our day with a fresh espresso and a moment of gratitude (in that order!), and we’ll keep doing so as long as we’ve got a bean to grind!

We’re currently enjoying the delightful fruit essence of our Ethiopian roast and the dark rich nutty profile of our Rwandan roast. We’ve also got some hot new beans coming soon, including a custom Espresso blend and our Live Free custom coffee subscriptions.

If you are concerned about adrenal fatigue or caffeine sensitivity/addiction, there are great decaf options available. We are currently roasting a Mexican Chiapas swiss-water processed decaf (the extraction process is done with NO chemicals, unlike many decaf options extracted using harsh toxins that have no business in your beans or your body).

If you’d like to extend your ritual a bit further, check out our collaboration with nourished. body and bath and you can start your day with an invigorating Live Free java mint jolt cold-process soap in the shower.

Photo credit: marissabracke / Foter / CC BY


Coffee Grounds, the new fountain of youth?

Don’t toss those coffee grounds!

We’ve shared studies recently that praise spent coffee grounds as a nutritious addition to your compost pile.  But science is now discovering that those spent grounds may be an antioxidant powerhouse and that’s great news for all of us coffee drinkers!

A recent study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that spent coffee grounds are FULL of a powerful class of antioxidants called phenols.  You get a good dose of phenols when you drink your morning brew, but scientists are finding out there’s a goldmine of antioxidants in the spent grounds as well.  Some of the extracts produced actually found HIGHER levels of antioxidants in the extracts then in the brewed coffee!

The hope is that these compounds can be added to other foods or turned into a pill that can be used to boost antioxidant status.  Here are Live Free Coffee, we’re ahead of the curve.  We have partnered with Nourished. Body and Bath to develop a line of toxin-free, cold processed soap utilizing Live Free coffee.  Introducing the Java Mint Jolt soap! 

Using the same great quality, ethically sourced, toxin free coffee you expect from Live Free, we use both the brew and the exfoliating spent grounds in this incredible, long lasting, incredible smelling soap.

Check it out now in our shop!


Drink Coffee, Save the Planet!

compostWe’ve got great news for all our Earth-conscious coffee drinkers. Researchers from Oregon State University have discovered that composted spent coffee grounds are an awesome fertilizer!  Lucky for us, we personally use our spent Live Free Coffee grounds in our compost pile which we use to nourish our raised bed gardens every year.

Composted grounds are rich in nitrogen, which provides the fuel for bacteria to turn organic matter into compost and provide nourishment to growing plants. In fact, it provides a nitrogen boost as rich as manure (a common compost additive), with the added benefit of avoiding the common pathogen concerns that come with using fecal matter.

In a world where we are destroying our nutrient-rich topsoil at an alarming rate, nitrogen rich compost is pure black gold.

Just be sure you add it to your compost and NOT directly to your plants.  Research has found that uncomposted grounds resulted poor germination and stunted plant growth.  And of course, what goes in must come out.   Those grounds will become the soil you grow your fruits and vegetables in, so make sure so make sure that your coffee is toxin-free and ethically sourced.

Drink coffee, compost and reduce waste, nourish the soil, save the planet.  Sounds like a damn good plan to us!

Photo credit: USDAgov / Foter / CC BY